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Self Picture #1 by pamelahoward2009 Self Picture #1 :iconpamelahoward2009:pamelahoward2009 0 1 Winter's Night by pamelahoward2009 Winter's Night :iconpamelahoward2009:pamelahoward2009 2 2
Don't Forget Me, I Beg.
I would like to be "someone else" right now.
I gave you up a few months ago, after what was it, a year of engagement, and a lifetime of finding eachother?
That's really corny, but you know how we were. Those conversations we read over and over again, lovey-dovey notes in class that meant everything to us.
I still keep those you know, plus the beautiful ring yuo gave me. Of course it was plastic, but I had my whole future  to look forward to in there. With you.
Why do I wish I was "someone else"?
Because I made a mistake.
I gave up the life everyone wants.
I gave up on you.
My reasoning? It's unimportant now, stupid, the thought was nice, but so stupid.
My reasoning was that I thought I wouldn't be able to give you the things you needed in the future.
Like the pleasure I could not give you, every girl has needs.
Or the ears that could only sit and listen, to a crying face that I could not help.
So many things I thought I wouldn't be able to give you, that you would leave me, t
:iconpamelahoward2009:pamelahoward2009 2 1
[GIRL] do you think you could find
a better place, a better time
to be with me,
don't you see
[GIRL] perfection is right now,
i don't know why, i don't know how,
but i'm in love with you,
that is true
[GIRL] so take me far away from here
tell me what i, wanna hear
cause i love you baby yes it's real
i don't know how to tell you what i feel
[BOY] i'll take you far away from here
tell you what you wanna hear right now
cause i love you baby i know it's true
i only wanna ever be with you and now

[GIRL] do you think you could find
a better place, a better time
to be with me
:iconpamelahoward2009:pamelahoward2009 2 2
She's a warning in herself.
She's a warning.
To boys who in morning,
are looking for something fun to do.
Don't adore her,
don't let her trip 'cause she will fall.
You can watch too.
If she is the night,
her heart must be the sun,
because she's trying,
to find her only one.
:iconpamelahoward2009:pamelahoward2009 2 2
My sacrifice, I'd give up so much for you.
For the love you give to me.
You're the oxygen lighting the flame of my heart,
and I need you to breeze past and make a fire.
Darling our secrets lie deep beneath one another's skin,
and memories we've shared play back in our heads,
during dreams late at night.
I imagine your hands grasping mine and my eyes sparkling,
wandering into yours.
I hope you do too.
You make me do the silliest things that I doubt I'd ever regret.
You make me smile. Even when you make me feel down.
You make me smile once more.
You are so special in your own little way.
'Cause when you are with me,
I'm free, I'm careless, I believe.
:iconpamelahoward2009:pamelahoward2009 1 3
We're all ALONE.
"Sometimes I think we're all alone in this busy little world" he confessed to her, lying naked on the bed, under blankets that kept them together and sane.
She opened her eyes and stared into his blank eyes. Eyes with no expression, but a whole lot of power.
"What are you doing?" he asked, with subtle fear in his voice.
"Figuring you out" she softly replied, whilst smiling her best poker smile. "What do you mean alone? We have everyone around us."
He turned over onto his back and stared up at the ceiling. "No we don't. Not really. Nobody cares in the end, what we do, or how we do it. They weren't born to judge us. We've just psyched ourselves out to think that what others do is important, or what we do is important to others. We are the only ones to make ourselves happy."
She kept staring at him until he turned to face her, and he asked once again "What are you doing now?".
"Nothing. I don't care if I have psyched myself out. I've done it for the better."
"Who judges you? Who makes you
:iconpamelahoward2009:pamelahoward2009 2 1
I'm Not As Strong As You.
I've been crying lately.
To tell you completely,
I dunno what to do...
I'm not as "strong" as you.
To touch the truth oh sweetheart,
I'm telling you I can't give up on you,
ya "changed" me too.
And I sing for changes!
Pray to no-one for an angel,
and hope to hell I get one...
or I'll be "done".
And I sing you act better!
'Cause this ain't a love letter.
Hope to hell you don't leave me,
"alone and lonely".
:iconpamelahoward2009:pamelahoward2009 0 0
We Are Not Weak.
Sometimes we give up when things get too hard.
We are not "weak".
We give our focus and time to another issue, one worth more than the last.
We are not weak for changing our priorities.
We are only smart.
:iconpamelahoward2009:pamelahoward2009 1 0
Stuck In The Mud
You are the boy who never gets stuck in the mud that relationships are, the boy that makes it clear he wants to have fun with a girl, not an icky little "kiss and chat day" with her. You are the person who the cool guys follow and the cool girls long for.
But I am the girl who got stuck in your mud, I am the girl who has learnt the most about you.
You had your fun, well... you still do, but that doesn't stop the fact that I know every secret about you.
So the next time you mock my lovely friends yelling "Oi you fucking sluts!",
or lie with fake tears to a girl begging to her "You're beautiful, I need you!",
even tear someone's friendship apart by threatening "We'll never talk again if you speak to her",
you remember that I hold your precious ego in my hands, and that was your mistake.
I'm glad I got stuck in your mud, for that, and only for that.
:iconpamelahoward2009:pamelahoward2009 7 2
But I Don't Love You
I love your smile
and I love your arms
I love your hugs and texts at night
I love your laugh
I love your hair
so much about you I love that's right
i love so much
l o v e
i love so much
but honestly
i don't love you
i never will
and i never do
:iconpamelahoward2009:pamelahoward2009 4 5
You say the "I love you"s
and I love you too,
but i feel awkward sayin it'
when i'm unsure if it's true,
I want your hands on mine
and around me in bed,
but will i regret this
after i drop dead?
:iconpamelahoward2009:pamelahoward2009 1 3
I Love You
On Thursday you promised me a kiss the next day,
On Friday I had none much to my dismay,
On Saturday I reminded you of your promise and this,
ended with an angel and a heavenly kiss.
:iconpamelahoward2009:pamelahoward2009 2 0
Everybody has one.
At least.
At least.
One certain person has one.
They make it ever so obvious when they're alone.
That they're sad, they're mad, they have no idea what to do.
When their friends have packed up, to go to their next class.
That certain person throws a little rage. A little rage that you have never seen so big.
Then you find out why. Because you couldn't help but pry.
And everything is so much clearer, and it hurts you to see them so ... hurt?
That kind of secret, makes you wonder, what ever keeps them going.
You're so sorry.
It's a secret, their secret.
You'd wish you'd never known.
:iconpamelahoward2009:pamelahoward2009 5 3
Go to hell, go away, either that or make my day.
You don't care, you're never here and I've walked away.
:iconpamelahoward2009:pamelahoward2009 4 1
Dancing In The Moonlight
Why does the rose bleed red petals of the faintest green envy?
Who catches the petals with an open stissue and grasps the definition of love?
How can we speak of a term which is unknown to those who cannot feel, and when will we ever be real?
:iconpamelahoward2009:pamelahoward2009 1 0
:dance: Some have stories behind them, some don't
:juggle: I love my work no matter what anyone else says
=D My artwork and Taylor Swift make me happy


Vivian I by waiaung Vivian I :iconwaiaung:waiaung 135 8 ITS AN OMEN by dark-angel1349 ITS AN OMEN :icondark-angel1349:dark-angel1349 14 6 Jaguar by viridis-somnio Jaguar :iconviridis-somnio:viridis-somnio 4,466 565 Spirit Warriors Ep. 23 Page 31 by SpiritWarriors Spirit Warriors Ep. 23 Page 31 :iconspiritwarriors:SpiritWarriors 63 164
Across the Ocean
I stood outside in the rain today. I know it sounds cliché, but the steady drumming of raindrops drowned out the beat of my heart and I swear I could hear you crying.
I've never felt as complete as I did then.
Let's just pretend that you didn't break my heart. I'll bandage my bleeding knuckles and go find that fake smile you left behind.
I won't be lonely. We'll pretend I'm happy standing outside in the wet; these are raindrops, not tears. I'll give you every excuse I have to offer, and someday when the rain clouds disappear I'll realize that I'm just talking to the sky.
I've run out of words, you know. I can feel it.
When it started raining last night I burned all of my poetry books. Page by page. I can only remember one line:
I know just how it feels
to think of the right thing to say too late.
When I think of the right words, I'll write them down. And leave them for the next broken-hearted boy to set on fire.
:iconjonathoncomfortreed:jonathoncomfortreed 47 66
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Aren't they all so purrttii ? :eager:



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Pamela Howard
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
New Zealand
I'd like to get back into deviantART, but I don't think I have the time nor the motivation.
Every now and then I'll come back to post a piece of random writing, and I'll check my notes while I'm here.

If you want me, send me a note :)
We'll swap contact details and we can catch up.

I'm not leaving, I'm just announcing my inactivity :P
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